Welcome to Michigan State University! The excitement around becoming a Spartan is unmistakable, yet most parents, families, and indeed students experience a level of uncertainty or apprehension surrounding the move from home to a research intensive Big Ten University. Without a doubt, the college years are a time of tremendous change and important development. The presence of a disability brings with it an additional layer of concern, and at MSU these concerns are met with awareness, creativity, and possibility.

Whether visible or invisible, disabilities are highly individualized and involve a range of dynamics that interact with campus life. Our relatively large campus and a population of over 50,000 students might seem to represent challenges galore, but at MSU our size is more about opportunity than obstacles. MSU is a special place where a large population means that students with disabilities will find peers with similar experiences and a strong Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) that facilitates access. RCPD staff welcome students with enthusiasm and help each reach their academic potential. Blend these dynamics of awareness, community investment, and peer connections and MSU is a clear choice for maximizing ability and opportunity.

Connecting with Team RCPD

RCPD staff is happy to meet with future students, parents, and families to explore the possibilities at MSU. Please visit our Team RCPD page to identify a specialist most closely linked to the concerns at hand. You can then contact them to schedule a meeting to discuss RCPD services and life at MSU. 

Share Your Success Story

Are you a parent who has already seen your child thrive as a student and benefit from the resources and services provided by the RCPD or the donors who support us? We would love to hear about it! Please take a moment to share your story of how the RCPD has positively impacted your child or family!

Facilitating Student Growth While Honoring Confidentiality

While we recognize and respect the role of families in advocating for students with disabilities, the MSU RCPD philosophy recognizes that success for persons with disabilities depends on self-awareness and self-advocacy. Beyond RCPD focus on student growth, legal guidelines mandate confidentiality around student records and disability-related issues. For these reasons most family communications will serve to provide informational insights to the RCPD and will not result in feedback about students.

Campus Resources