Team RCPD strives for excellence in all we do and values your input as essential to an even brighter tomorrow. We know there are many success stories that should be shared as well as areas where we can do better.

Please share your ideas as follows:

Share Your Story

We thrive on success stories as they exemplify our mission and purpose. Sharing your positive experiences...

  • Energizes our staff toward even higher levels of service quality

  • Provides examples of possibility for current and future students

  • Reminds donors of the impact their endowments have on community 

  • Helps us rediscover outstanding Spartan alumni who are essential in featuring unique ability

Nominate Someone for An Award

Your nominations help us feature faculty, staff, alumni or current students who are doing great things in support of ability or despite disability.

Help Identify and Remove Architectural Access Issues

Have you discovered a hard-to-use facility, rough pathway, or inaccessible classroom? MSU is committed to improving campus architectural accessibility by removing barriers and innovating where possible. Tell us about a challenge and we will work to improve it.

Engineering Design Day Partnership Suggestions

Are you a person with a disability who has an idea for a future project? Every year, senior students in ECE 480 have teamed up to devote projects on improving accessibility. The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities requests your help in determining what new technology can be invented or improved upon to help make the lives of people with disabilities better.

Dispute Resolution

The RCPD is committed to an active partnership with students and employees. Should you experience a disagreement regarding disability determination or appropriateness of accommodations, we welcome a chance to work to address concerns.


Have a great idea? Share it below and we will look into it. If you have an urgent or unique issue to contact our office about, please refer to the Team RCPD page on our website.