Michigan State University is committed to providing equal opportunity for full participation in programs, services, and activities. RCPD has compiled resources that promote and advance accessibility across campus. 

Architectural Accessibility

MSU strives to employ concepts of universal design to more fully integrate accessibility features in new and existing structures. Each year the university sets aside funds for new projects that further the goal of maximizing access to all campus facilities. Working closely with The Office of Planning and Budget/Facility Planning (OPB) and other campus units, an active plan for addressing any architectural issues that arise is well underway. We maintain an online suggestion box that invites students, staff, and visitors to identify these architectural issues for improvement.

Mobility Aids & Equipment

Whether seeking a mobility device for short-term loan, looking to upgrade equipment, or in need of spontaneous repair, RCPD has established linkages with local vendors and facilities for assistance. 

Rent a wheelchair or scooter from the following local vendors:

*RCPD does not specifically endorse these vendors, but wants to highlight services and resources in the surrounding area that students and employees can access.

Located in Bessey Hall near the RCPD, MSU Bikes is available for quick repair or consultation for wheelchair parts.

Assistive Listening Devices

Classrooms across campus are equipped with assistive listening devices. Learn more here

All Gender & Accessible Campus Restrooms

The Office of Planning & Budgets provides a map of location of all restrooms on campus designated as single-occupant restrooms. Students, employees, and visitors at Michigan State University may use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity. For ease of identifying the restroom that best meets individual needs, the map's marking pins have been color coded to differentiate between accessible and non-accessible restrooms. 

Transportation & Parking at MSU

See this page for information about campus parking, accessible transportation, and resources for moving around MSU.

Web Accessibility

Our website was designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities using assistive technologies. We designed it to meet WC3 AA and MSU accessibility standards.

In addition, MSU provides a web access site containing resources to ensure cross-campus accessibility in web content.

Snow Removal

MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities ensures the well-being of students, faculty and staff. IPF crews clear walkways, steps, loading docks, sidewalks, roads and parking lots. See our Snow Removal page for more information.