The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) was created in the 1970s as MSU's response for equal access to a university education for all students. Over the years, the foundational services for students with mobility and visual disabilities expanded to include services for students who were deaf or hard of hearing, those with learning disabilities, brain injuries, psychiatric, and various chronic health conditions. The RCPD has also broadened to include services for MSU employees with disabilities.

Mission of the RCPD

Lead Michigan State University in maximizing ability and opportunity for full participation by persons with disabilities.


  • Assess and document disability, academic, and workplace needs
  • Build and facilitate individual plans for reasonable accommodations
  • Link individuals with technology, education, and resources
  • Extend independence through auxiliary aids, disability-related information, and self-advocacy

Mission in Action

Spartans change lives every day in ways practical and profound; creating opportunities through study and research, finding solutions for some of the world’s most challenging needs. Education expands opportunity and for those experiencing disabilities, education is a most empowering choice. This is why Team RCPD works diligently to engage MSU traditions of quality, inclusiveness and connectivity for the benefit of all. 

Together, we create a welcoming environment, fortify capacity and compassionately challenge each person to reach their fullest ability. Disabilities need not preclude the achievement of goals and dreams; rather, they mandate a greater level of creativity, commitment and a repertoire of compensatory techniques. We grow ambition into personal and professional success as we connect MSU knowledge, self-advocacy, innovative technology and community. 

Team RCPD is ready to assist students, employees and visitors with resources that create an environment of opportunity. We value full integration of persons with disabilities throughout the University mission, programs and services. 

Where To Find Us

RCPD is located in 120 Bessey Hall, near the center of the Michigan State University campus, on the southwest corner of Farm Lane and Auditorium Road.

Accessibility at MSU

Michigan State University is committed to providing equal opportunity for full participation in programs, services, and activities. See our Accessibility at MSU page for resources that promote and advance accessibility across campus. If you're looking for tips about using assistive technology on our website, see our Site Accessibility page