The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) assists students, faculty, and staff by maximizing ability and opportunity for full participation at MSU. If you are a student or employee at MSU, and you have a disability that substantially limits a major life activity, you can register with the RCPD and you may be eligible to receive accommodations. Please note this information is kept strictly confidential. Self-identification is voluntary. However, if you have a disability, not registering with the RCPD may delay or compromise the availability of accommodations. As many reasonable accommodations require significant pre-planning, registration with the RCPD prior to situations requiring accommodations is essential. 

Step 1

Formally identify as a student or employee with a physical, sensory, cognitive or psychological disability via RCPD's MyProfile.

Step 2

Once you've requested to register through MyProfile, an RCPD Ability Access Specialist will contact you through your MSU email to request disability documentation.

Step 3

Once sufficient documentation is received, the specialist will contact you to set up a needs assessment to fully discuss accommodation requests.

For additional information regarding registration and documentation for your disability, visit our Disability Services web page.You may also reference the MSU Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policy. For assistance with the accommodations request process, contact an Ability Access Specialist.

Though RCPD staff enjoys a reputation of fairness, compassion, and integrity, the possibility always exists for disagreements about disability determination, appropriateness of accommodations, or service quality. In the event a disagreement arises, please visit our Dispute Resolution page.