This website was developed in accordance with WCAG 2.0 AA. We have incorporated coding to facilitate effective use with assistive technologies.  

In addition, MSU provides a web access site containing resources, training, and guidance to promote and support accessible web content, documents, and universal design.

Screen Reader Users:

The site was designed with screen reader users in mind. We have used a variety of useful markers throughout the page including customary heading levels easily accessed in JAWS and NVDA browsing with the heading level H or Shift-H commands.

We employed a range of other control types to help you get to key areas quickly. Edit boxes accessed with E from either JAWS or NVDA will help you find typable content areas. Buttons accessed with the B key will help you quickly find these elements.

ARIA markup is also useful. As an example, each of our key articles are marked with Article Landmarks which affords quick access. Similarly, ARIA Region markup helps navigate to major sections of the page. Consult your screen reader documentation to fully benefit from this markup. Finally, the page features a Site Index combo box near the bottom of the screen which enables you to scan and jump to any pages on the site from an alphabetized list.

JAWS Tips:

While Browsing use:

Q –Navigate to the main region on the page (past the navigational regions and into the main content)

R – Navigate to the next region on the page

O – Navigate to the start of an article (useful after selecting a link as it moves to beginning of an article)

H or Shift-H – Navigate by heading

L or Shift L – Jump to the next or previous list of items on the page

I or Shift-I – Navigate by item within a list

C - Jumps to the combo box that allows you full access to the site page. Use a letter once in the combo box or just arrow up and down followed by tabbing to the Go button to jump directly to the selected page. This keystroke also jumps to accordion items when they exist on a page.

NVDA Tips:

Many of the same commands described for JAWS above work in NVDA. The exception is ARIA Landmarks are accessed in NVDA with the NVDA key plus F7.