Where can I find information about barrier free entrances and parking on campus?

Visit Architectural Accessibility at MSU to find an accessibility map, barrier free access statement, projects summary and offer suggestions to improve accessibility on campus. This page also includes specific information regarding entrances without steps and power entrances to buildings on campus.

Special parking requests can be made if necessary by completing an application form for your vehicle and registering with MSU Police and Public Safety.

What campus organizations focus on disability issues? 

Several organizations on campus exist including: 

To learn more about CSD, Tower Guard, and the Adaptive Sports & Recreation Club, please visit Department of Student Life's Registered Student Organizations or contact your RCPD Ability Access Specialist. 

What if I disagree with the disability determination or level of accommodation I receive?

RCPD Specialists are committed to an active partnership with students and employees who make reasonable accommodation requests through our office. In the case you experience a disagreement regarding disability determination or appropriateness of accommodations, you may consider taking the steps outlined in our dispute resolution process.

Are MSU campus events and activities interpreted or captioned?

If there is a specific event that you would like to attend you may request an interpreter or real-time captioner by contacting the department sponsoring the event.

How do students make a request for an interpreter or real-time captioner?

Visit the Team RCPD page to make an appointment with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Ability Access Specialist. The specialist will assess your individual needs. See this page to learn how to register RCPD. 

I'm having trouble in my class, where can I find tutoring?

First, talk to your professor during office hours for ideas on how to succeed in the class. The Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC) also offers a variety of resources and supports. 

Will I receive the same accommodations that I got in high school?

Upon registering with RCPD, you will talk to an Ability Access Specialist about the appropriate accommodations for your disability during an individualized needs assessment. While RCPD takes historical accommodations into consideration, the college environment has different demands that may shape essential functions and accommodations. Visit our Future Students page for information about coming to Michigan State University. 

What kind of transportation is available on and off campus?

The Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) provides fixed route services on and off campus, covering all of Ingham County. MSU provides complimentary bus services for on-campus routes.

CATA buses are equipped with ramps or lifts, and run every 7 to 35 minutes depending on the route. CATA also provides a curb-to-curb, advanced reservation (1 day prior) transit service for persons with disabilities, called Spec-Tran. For more information about CATA, visit their website at www.cata.org.

For more information about campus accessible parking and transportation, see RCPD's page. 

What is the procedure for ice and snow removal on campus?

The MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Department (IPF) is responsible for snow and ice control in support of the University's daily operations. 

If students or employees encounter areas where snow removal has not been sufficient please report the area by calling or texting IPF at (517) 353-1760. For more information, visit RCPD's Snow Removal page

How does MSU facilitate note taking services?

Students work with their Ability Access Specialist to identify an individualized solution. Solutions often include: technology assisting independent note taking, shared notes with a peer, or other approaches. Visit the Accessing Note Taking Assistance page for a generalized overview of possibilities.

How do I make arrangements to have my service or assistance animal on campus?

Students and employees with a disability who wish to utilize a service or assistance animal on campus should reference the Service Animal Policy page.

What accommodations will I receive for my disability?

Each person and setting is unique and needs will vary. Accommodations are determined during a confidential needs assessment with an Ability Access Specialist.

What steps has MSU taken to remove barriers and improve accessibility on campus?

For more details, please visit the Architectural Accessibility at MSU page. 

Will RCPD inform my professors about my accommodations?

Once registered with the RCPD, the student receives an accommodation letter, called a VISA. Students are responsible for presenting this VISA to each professor at the start of the semester during office hours. It is important to go over the VISA to coordinate accommodations.

Will the MSU Office of Admissions take my disability into consideration when making an admission decision?

All applicants are held to the same Michigan State University admission standards. Disability issues, like other diversity perspectives, can be discussed as part of a personal statement if an applicant chooses. RCPD cannot interfere in the admissions process, but we are happy to assist with accommodations as soon as a student is admitted.