Accessibility at MSU

Michigan State University is committed to providing equal opportunity for full participation in programs, services, and activities. RCPD has compiled resources that promote and advance accessibility across campus. 

Signature Programs

MSU demonstrates international leadership around disability inclusion by providing the latest assistive technology, resources, and services through RCPD Signature Programs. 

Scholarships & Awards

RCPD honors and appreciates our students, staff, and faculty for their outstanding achievements through Scholarship and Award Programs. 

Campus & Community Partnerships 

A hallmark of the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities is establishment of collaborative partnerships that help students and employees with disabilities more fully realize their academic, career, and life goals. The following partnerships are vital in our outreach efforts.

Assistive Technology 

Assistive technology is a broadly defined term that describes innovative tools dramatically improving the lives of people with disabilities. The RCPD maintains state of the art assistive technology to empower our students and employees. Plan to visit us and experience some of our high tech tools for success.

Implementing Accommodations 

Whether you have a disability, work with someone who has a disability, or are striving to make a difference in the life of a student with a disability, we thank you for your contribution to MSU. The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities is committed to empowering people to reach their potential throughout their MSU experience.

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