A Note from the Director

MSU’s Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities is a vibrant champion of ability, opportunity and possibility. We create a welcoming environment, fortify capacity and compassionately challenge each person to reach their fullest ability. We know firsthand that disabilities need not preclude the achievement of goals and dreams; rather, they mandate a greater level of creativity, commitment and a repertoire of compensatory techniques. 

Growing inspiration into innovation and leadership requires a strong team. For this reason, we celebrate our collective efforts and ask you to join us with an investment in ability. RCPD programs and services provide awareness, hope and expanded opportunity for nearly 2,500 students, faculty, and staff with disabilities. 

Existing endowments and new gifts fund innovation in areas ranging from scholarships to assistive technology, audiovisual materials accessibility, ability awareness and leadership development. We invite you to join Team RCPD with a gift that will impact campus accessibility now and for years to come. I welcome a chance to discuss how we can collaborate to make a difference in the lives of ambitious Spartans. 


Michael Hudson, RCPD Director

See How Gifts Make a Difference
Endowments: Your Gift Counts

Your partnership will contribute to leadership in world-class efforts to fully engage students with disabilities in the promise of an MSU education. Each of the following endowments represent significant programmatic efforts where your investment makes a difference. 

Celebrating Community Investment

Featured prominently in the reception area, the Tree of Giving displays community and investment toward life success. It is a message of ability for students and families arriving at MSU with real challenges, vivid hopes, and great potential.  We recognize contributors with inscribed leaves, rocks, and acorns. 

Photograph: RCPD donor tree depicting inscribed leaves, rocks, and acorns

Donation milestones:

  • Brass leaf: $750
  • Silver leaf: $2,500
  • Acorn: Expendable donation at the current MSU endowed fund level
  • Small rock: Establishment of a new endowment
  • Large rock: $100,000

(Donor levels are subject to change)

Each of our signature programs began as an idea.  If you would like to help us advance, we invite you to share.

Michael Hudson, Director



You may make contributions online, or mail your contribution to:

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

Attn: Michael Hudson, Director
Michigan State University
Bessey Hall
434 Farm Lane, #120
East Lansing, MI 48824

Please indicate a fund designation with your correspondence.

To discuss giving opportunities or learn more about supporting RCPD programming, please contact Michael Hudson.