Though RCPD staff enjoys a reputation of fairness, compassion, and integrity, the possibility always exists for disagreements about disability determination, appropriateness of accommodations, or service quality. In the event a disagreement should arise, you are encouraged to make use of the following internal process for dispute resolution and appeal.

Informal Discussions and Requests for RCPD Reconsideration

  1. First, discuss your concerns with your RCPD Coordinator. Be prepared to consider alternative solutions and perspectives.
  2. If this discussion does not resolve the situation, concerns about service quality or a request that RCPD reconsider its disability and/or accommodation determination may be submitted to Michael Hudson, Director of the RCPD.

    The Director will gather details from each person involved in the situation, meet individually or as a group with those involved, and ultimately seek a resolution or provide an official office position on the disagreement. Please use the RCPD Dispute Summary form in order to provide a clear description of the factors related to the disagreement.

    NOTE: You are not required to request that the RCPD reconsider its disability/accommodation determination in order to file an appeal with the University’s ADA Coordinator (See Below).

Disputes Regarding RCPD Disability Determination or Appropriateness of Accommodations

If you disagree with the RCPD’s final determination to grant or deny an accommodation, the decision may be appealed to The Office of the ADA Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity, 4 Olds Hall, 408 West Circle Drive, East Lansing, MI 48824. Appeals can be requested via phone - 517-884-8513, email, or by filling the Reasonable Accommodation Appeal Form. Appeals must be filed within 30 calendar days of the final RCPD determination.

Dispute Summary and Submission Form

To contact RCPD about a dispute/difficulty you are experiencing, please fill out the Dispute Resolution Form.