Road 2 Rio“Pursuing a Dream and Beating the Odds”“Persistence and InspirationAwards and Appreciation Reception

Road 2 Rio

“You don’t need to have vision, to be a visionary”- Aaron Scheidies: MSU Tower Guard Leader, 2004 Spartan Alumni, Ironman Triathlon world record holder, 2011 Distinguished Young Alumni Award, and a 2016 Rio Paralympic hopeful.

“Pursuing a Dream and Beating the Odds”

Watch RCPD Student, Jordyn Castor, become “Wall Street Ready” as she transforms a scholarship from the RCPD into career opportunities.

“Persistence and Inspiration"

Dr. Daehee Lee (2014 Outstanding Alumnus), share's insights on selecting MSU, moving to America, earning dual advanced degrees and leading in his career.

Awards and Appreciation Reception

This upcoming April 22nd, 2016 we will honor the outstanding achievements of scholarship recipients, exceptional faculty and staff. Visit our Awards Recipients page to nominate individuals and RSVP!

Michael Hudson

Welcome to Michigan State University and the RCPD, where inclusive world-class education advances knowledge and transforms lives. The Director's perspective on ability...

Although I have already encountered my fair share of hurdles, my graduation and acceptance into a Master's program has shown me that my disabilities can't keep me from success
Symone, Decker-Muns Friendship Memorial Scholar

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