“Pursuing a Dream and Beating the Odds”“Persistence and InspirationAwards and Appreciation Reception

“Pursuing a Dream and Beating the Odds”

Jordyn was an intern at Goldman Sachs in NYC, thanks to MSU's Women in Engineering Program. Watch Jordyn become “Wall Street Ready” as she transforms an RCPD scholarship into career opportunities.

“Persistence and Inspiration"

Dr. Daehee Lee (2014 Outstanding Alumnus), shares insights on selecting MSU, moving to America, earning dual advanced degrees, and leading in his career.

Awards and Appreciation Reception

The RCPD congratulates deserving award recipients every spring with a reception. Donors, students, and MSU community members connect and share stories of success with disability in higher education.

Michael Hudson

Welcome to Michigan State University and the RCPD, where inclusive world-class education advances knowledge and transforms lives. The Director's perspective on ability...

Talk to one of the RCPD specialists. Though it may sound trite, you'll be glad you did.
Joyce Giampalmi, Anita Giampalmi Scholarship Founder

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Together we create a welcoming environment, fortify capacity, and compassionately challenge people to redefine disability. We grow ambition into personal and professional success by fostering self-advocacy, connected knowledge, innovative technology, and community partnerships.

Featured News

  • Hard Work and Determination Yields New Awareness for Honor Students

    For the first time ever, in recognition with the importance of maximizing opportunity, Tower Guard members experienced the intensity of learning Braille this year when a Braille class was offered by the RCPD.

  • More Than a Game: Student Participates in National Tournament

    When Piotr Pasik sees an opportunity, he maximizes it. That was no exception for the 2017 Wheelchair Tennis National Tournament. But, joining the tournament wasn’t to showcase his tennis skills.

  • MSU Awarded for Food Allergy Program

    Preparing for college can be stressful for students with dietary restrictions. Whether they have a gluten intolerance or Crohn’s Disease, navigating around a university’s meal plan has proven to be challenging. RCPD and Culinary Services are here to help!

  • RCPD Student Shares His Experience with Invisible Illness

    Michael receives accommodations from RCPD, and made a short film highlighting his experience with an invisible illness. Click the link in this post to watch the video!