“Pursuing a Dream and Beating the Odds”“Persistence and Inspiration

“Pursuing a Dream and Beating the Odds”

Jordyn was an intern at Goldman Sachs in NYC, thanks to MSU's Women in Engineering Program. Watch Jordyn become “Wall Street Ready” as she transforms an RCPD scholarship into career opportunities.

“Persistence and Inspiration"

Dr. Daehee Lee (2014 Outstanding Alumnus), shares insights on selecting MSU, moving to America, earning dual advanced degrees, and leading in his career.

Michael Hudson

Welcome to Michigan State University and the RCPD, where inclusive world-class education advances knowledge and transforms lives. The Director's perspective on ability...

I encourage everyone, disabled or not, to study abroad. You'll never forget it.
Molly, Study Abroad participant

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Together we create a welcoming environment, fortify capacity, and compassionately challenge people to redefine disability. We grow ambition into personal and professional success by fostering self-advocacy, connected knowledge, innovative technology, and community partnerships.

Featured News

  • 19th Annual Tower Guard Shamrock 5K

    The 19th annual Tower Guard Shamrock 5k on Friday, March 15 was an overall success.

  • Alex's Great State Race Moving Forward

    Five years have passed since the first Alex’s Great State Race, and the event is still running strong. It all started with a student diagnosed with cancer and turned into a bond between two rival colleges coming together in his memory to make a profound difference for students with disabilities.

  • UGS 110 Class Helping Build Resiliency Among Freshmen

    Ashley Maloff and Leslie Johnson of RCPD came together and created a brand-new Health and Wellness course in the already well-known UGS department. UGS 110, with two years in the making, had the first section in Fall 2018. There were 19 students in the class making it the largest UGS section, while also achieving the highest success rate. The course was 80 minutes per session and was 11 w

  • Spartan Ties Giving Students New Oppurtunities For Networking

    Spartan Ties, a newly formed networking group that takes place at different dining halls on campus, gives students a way to make friends and not eat dinner alone