Disabilities of all types provide challenges that initially seem insurmountable. How we define ourselves, the actions we take, and who we meet along the way define what we become. Disability creates a difference that can either shut people down or stimulate growth and success. Thousands of these success stories start here at MSU. We are a community of students, staff, donors and friends welcoming ambitious people with accessibility, scholarship, experiential learning, and ultimately career and life success. We grow possibility and redefine disability from inability to challenges that demand creativity and effort toward leadership.


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Ability Blog 

Highlighting the important work happening at RCPD, MSU, and across the globe to empower persons with disabilities.

Celebrating Success: Perspectives, Growth, and Understanding 

No two journeys are the same. People come to MSU from all over the world with different passions, goals, and lifestyles. The students and faculty registered with the RCPD are just as diverse and have stories to share.