BOND Program Featured in October 2019 Student Success Update

Photo of BOND early move-in group posting with a statue of Sparty

Tower Guard: Academic Success Through Service

On a crisp spring morning toward the end of April, a large group gathers outside Beaumont Tower well before the dawn. They clasp hot cocoa in their hands and stomp their feet against the lingering winter chill, waiting together for the new year’s Tower Guard members to arrive.

Student Stories: Education Abroad in London

During the summer of 2019, RCPD student Ellie M. took part in an Education Abroad program to the UK, which gave her the opportunity to travel to many exciting locations around England. At the start of the fall semester, we got in touch with Ellie for a little Q&A about her trip:

CSD Presents: Pumpkin Painting with Cider and Donuts!

CSD Pumpkin Painting Flyer

The Council of Students with Disabilities (CSD) invites you to an evening of pumpkin painting, cider drinking, and donut eating! The RCPD is thrilled to sponsor this annual event. All are welcome!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Going Abroad with a Disability Workshop!

Students on education abroad adventure in Ireland

A workshop co-sponsored by the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) & the Office for Education Abroad

RCPD Scholarship Engages Students in Adventures Abroad

One of the most exciting parts about going to college can be the opportunity to earn credits in another country by taking part in an Education Abroad program.

Spartan Ties Dinners Continue For Fall 2019!

Spartan Ties logo

College-Bound Students Discover Confidence at Project Venture Program

When seventeen students and their families arrived at Armstrong hall on a Sunday afternoon in June, the air was full of excitement and a little uncertainty. After all, some of them had never been away from home before.

Fasting 5K and Project Venture: Paving the Pathway to College for Students with Disabilities

If you’ve ever watched or participated in a 5K, you know how much hard work goes into crossing the finish line. Now imagine running that same race but without food or water all day.  On May 18th, 113 runners in Canton, Michigan did just that at the Fasting 5K – to raise money for students with disabilities.

Senior Engineers Partner with RCPD to Create Accessibility

Each semester, students participate in the MSU College of Engineering’s Design Day, a celebration of their hard work and a chance for them to display their engineering projects as well as compete against each other for recognition.

Alumni Couple Bring Strategies for Success to Today’s Youth

Cam and Liz met while living on the same floor in Bailey Hall in 2012. Their chance meeting led to a shared journey with a common goal – promoting resiliency despite disability challenges.

19th Annual Tower Guard Shamrock 5K

The 19th annual Tower Guard Shamrock 5k on Friday, March 15 was an overall success.

Alex's Great State Race Moving Forward

Five years have passed since the first Alex’s Great State Race, and the event is still running strong. It all started with a student diagnosed with cancer and turned into a bond between two rival colleges coming together in his memory to make a profound difference for students with disabilities.

UGS 110 Class Helping Build Resiliency Among Freshmen

Ashley Maloff and Leslie Johnson of RCPD came together and created a brand-new Health and Wellness course in the already well-known UGS department.

Spartan Ties Giving Students New Opportunities For Networking

Spartan Ties, a newly formed networking group that takes place at different dining halls on campus, gives students a way to make friends and not eat dinner alone.

There are many locations during the semester so that it can help accommodate students with busy schedules. There is a Facebook group that MSU students can join, which gives updates to times and to see who might be going to the dinner.

Alex's Great State Race Celebrates 5 Years of Disability Awareness

Football season marks the recommencement of an ultimate rivalry: Michigan vs. Michigan State. However, this celebration comes with a twist for a good cause.

Human Biology Student Broadens Her Abilities in Greece

Stemming from a family of doctors, Allie S., a junior, human biology major always knew she wanted to practice medicine. While she first began by wanting to become a veterinarian, she later realized her true passion is helping people.

Maximizing Ability and Opportunity

Spartans lead in ways practical and profound. We create opportunity through study and research, developing solutions for some of the world's most challenging needs. Education expands opportunity and for those experiencing disabilities, education is a most empowering choice. This is why Team RCPD works diligently to engage MSU traditions of quality, inclusiveness and connectivity for the benefit of all.

Mobility Enhanced: The Road to the Guide App

“The challenge is designing an app so that anyone who uses it thinks that it was designed for them” so the app accommodates a wide array of abilities.