During the summer of 2019, RCPD student Ellie M. took part in an Education Abroad program to the UK, which gave her the opportunity to travel to many exciting locations around England. At the start of the fall semester, we got in touch with Ellie for a little Q&A about her trip:

Tell us about where you went for your education abroad.
I spent most of my time in London, with occasional trips outside to places such as Stratford, Nottingham, Bath, Brighton, and Paris.

Why did you decide to go there and what did you study?
I decided to go there because it has always been a dream of mine to go to England. I studied English literature and how it pertains to modern British culture. My classes were on the subjects of literature and religion, literature and music, and warrior queens from the past.


Photo of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, taken from the ground looking up at the building   Photo of the Globe Theater in London, a view from a seat on the floor looking around at the walls    Photo of Ellie touching ornate building decoration

What was the most memorable part of the trip?
It is hard to say, but seeing all the buildings and architecture was pretty fascinating. The most memorable was probably A Midsummer Night’s Dream which we saw at the Globe Theatre and it was amazing. The cast interacted with the crowd, and it was overall a wonderful experience.

How did RCPD help accommodate you while you were there?
I was helped by RCPD because they made sure all my texts were accessible, and made sure I had someone lined up to help me get around the city. I chose a friend to come with me, which RCPD helped coordinate and they helped us understand what parts of her trip would be funded by the university.

What was the most challenging thing about your education abroad experience?
Mostly, it was navigating foreign places with assistance. I couldn’t really go anywhere on my own and so I always needed someone there to help me. Luckily, I had a friend with me for this express purpose.

Would you recommend the program to other students and especially those with disabilities?
Absolutely, the staff both here and on site were more then willing to accommodate and were very helpful when it was needed.

What would you recommend to other students who are thinking about doing an education abroad, regarding how to raise money for the trip?
I would ask family and friends if they can donate to your cause, but also apply for scholarships, as many of them as you can.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your time abroad?
It was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had, and I hope others will have the same opportunity.

Photo of Ellie posing with her cane in hand, next to an ornate metal statue in a leafy garden