Requesting Accommodations

If you are a student or employee at MSU, and you have a disability that substantially limits a major life activity, you can register with the RCPD and you may be eligible to receive accommodations. RCPD recognizes that accommodations may be required in order to assist individuals in maximizing their educational and workplace experience. While the university provides reasonable accommodations, we do not change essential academic requirements or job functions. Accommodation determinations are based on documentation and individualized needs assessment.
Before requesting accommodations, students and employees must identify and register as a person with a disability. Log on to MyProfile to register with the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities.
MyProfile provides online forms and initiates communication with an Ability Access Specialist.
For assistance with the accommodations request process, contact a Disability Specialist.
Though RCPD staff enjoys a reputation of fairness, compassion, and integrity, the possibility always exists for disagreements about disability determination, appropriateness of accommodations, or service quality. In the event a disagreement arises, you are encouraged to make use of the RCPD internal process for informal dispute resolution and appeals to the MSU ADA Coordinator. The MSU Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policy provides detailed insights for students and employees.


Model Statements

RCPD has provided Model Statements for requesting accommodations to help students, faculty and staff be more inclusive at MSU. In order to include students in all course activities, professors are strongly encouraged to use the suggested model statement in course syllabi. A model statement for programs at MSU is also available for reference and use in printed materials prior to an event. Contact an RCPD Staff member for assistance with program accommodations.