Awareness & Explorations in Ability Resources

We believe disability mandates a greater level of creativity, commitment and a repertoire of compensatory techniques, but reject the idea that it precludes the achievement of goals and dreams. The RCPD team strives to create an environment of opportunity in which persons with disabilities are fully integrated throughout the university mission, programs and services, ensuring that all are engaged in these explorations in ability. The MSU Disability and Reasonable Accommodation Policy provides detailed insights for students and employees.

Stories that Inspire

  • In Their Own Words: the RCPD oral history series
  • Features and video clips highlighting the ability of persons with disabilities
  • Check out this interview with one of our Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit specialists, Darryl Steele!


  • Features four video segments with lots of useful Support On Site tips

Faculty and Departmental Resources

VISAs - Faculty Perspective

  • Learn the appropriate process when a student presents a VISA
  • Watch the YouTube video to see an example scenario

Best Practices: Accommodations for Students with Disabilities 

  • Guidelines for professors and teaching assistants to consider when interacting with students with disabilities

Disability Resource Sites

  • Research
  • Magazines
  • Organizations (DO-IT)
  • Adaptive technology resources

Model Statements

  • For use in syllabi & program or event announcements

Students with Disabilities - The MSU Approach for Inclusion

  • An overview of the MSU approach for inclusion of people with disabilities
  • Addresses questions frequently asked by new faculty

Assistive Listening Devices

  • Types of assistive listening devices
  • How to obtain and utilize them on campus

Service Animal Policy

  • A small percentage of persons with disabilities employ service animals for increased independence
  • The service animal policy outlines elements that create a positive environment for MSU students, employees, and visitors

Legislative Summary

  • Americans with Disabilities Act


Student and Community Resources

Campus Resources for Students

  • Click on the link above to download an MS Word document which provides an overview of the various resources available to MSU students.

VISAs - Student Perspective

  • Learn from fellow students as to how to present your VISA to professors
  • Watch the YouTube video to see an example scenario

Volunteer at RCPD

  • Digital book program
  • Exam reading/scribing and personal reading
  • Campus orientation

Employment Opportunities

  • Student positions
  • Contract employees
  • Professional staff positions

MSU Web Accessibility

MSU provides a web access site containing resources to ensure cross-campus accessibility in web content.

Tips for Interacting with People with Disabilities & What's in a Name: Person-First Language


The Courtesy Rules of Blindness


Understanding Epilepsy


Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities at MSU

  • The MSU RCPD leads a comprehensive mission of inclusion for all aspects of campus life. This slide show, featured in our reception area, showcases elements of mission, vision, data, and programmatic opportunities.

Recreational Opportunities

  • In memorial of James L. Bristor, an MSU and national leader in fully including people with disabilities in a range of recreational opportunities

International Student Support Program