Tower Guard Scholarship

As one of MSU’s oldest active student organizations, the Tower Guard selects its members from the top 5% of the freshman class.  Beginning in the 1930s, its members sought to facilitate academic success for blind students through a volunteer reading program.  They are among the most scholastically dedicated members of Michigan State University. Tower Guards are consistently active, hard-working students who devote a significant amount of time toward the RCPD mission.

Scholarships are provided annually to assist hard-working Tower Guards in mitigating financial pressure.

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For more information about the MSU Tower Guard visit their website: MSU Tower Guard or for a history of the RCPD- Tower Guard relationship visit the RCPD-MSU Tower Guard page.

This donor-supported program provides awareness and expanded opportunity for persons with disabilities. You can help support this initiative or find out more about other RCPD programs and giving opportunities by visiting the Financial Contributions page.