Katrina Tagget Fellowship

A Legacy of Scholarship and Service Excellence

As a senior majoring in Public Administration and Public Policy with a specialization in Political Economics, Katrina Tagget Katrina Taggetachieved academic excellence and balanced this with service to others. She earned a place on the Dean's List every semester beginning in the spring of her freshman year. Seeking to transcend academic success, Katrina engaged in numerous co-curricular opportunities and grew to realize service to others as one of her most meaningful accomplishments.

Throughout her last two years at MSU she served as an RCPD mentor helping others with disabilities maximize their potential. Reflecting on all the honors, awards and accolades earned as a student, she cited her experience as an RCPD mentor as one of her most important accomplishments. On September 20, 2008, Katrina Tagget left her place on earth. She remains highly regarded at the RCPD for her service to others, careful planning, pleasant demeanor, and academic capabilities. She made a difference in her brief life.

Through the generosity of Katrina's family and friends, this fellowship was established to memorialize Katrina's contributions. The award of $3,500 helps encourage others with disabilities to excel both academically and through service to others. Your gift will extend this important legacy of scholarship and service excellence.

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This donor-supported program provides awareness and expanded opportunity for persons with disabilities. You can help support this initiative or find out about other RCPD programs and giving opportunities by visiting the Financial Contributions page

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The Katrina Tagget Fellowship in Action

  • Sara Sherman's commitment to excellence drove her to a national hockey championship, academic success and a positive outlook on life, despite the challenges of learning disabilities and a traumatic brain injury. Read about this 2012 Tagget Fellow in The State News

Katrina Tagget Fellowship in the News

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“It’s like I am driving at night without headlights on… the RCPD lit my headlights.”

State News Features RCPD Student

Director Michael Hudson and Specialists Darryl Steele and Virginia (Ginger) Martz share their insights in assisting students with disabilities in a State News article.

2012 Tagget Fellow Highlighted in State News Story

Sara Sherman's commitment to excellence drove her to a national hockey championship, academic success, and a positive outlook on life, despite the challenges of learning disabilities and a traumatic brain injury.

Tagget Fellow Offers Advice on Internships and Interviewing

Melissa Ghislain, the 2009-2010 Katrina Tagget Fellow shares lessons she has learned during her time as a student at Michigan State. She highlights her past internships and urges her fellow students to take advantage of their time in college.

New Katrina Tagget Fellow is Growing Awareness

Katrina Tagget was an accomplished student, achieving academic excellence while balancing her service to others. In her memory, Katrina's family and friends established a generous fellowship to allow students to continue her legacy of service.

Recognizing Ability Creates Spirit of Success

On April 17th, scholarships exceeding $48,000 were awarded to deserving students, while community and faculty members were recognized for accommodating them.

RCPD's Katrina Tagget Leaves Legacy

Katrina Tagget, a beloved RCPD student passed away September 20, 2008. She leaves behind a legacy of academic and personal accomplishments both at MSU and here at the RCPD.