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Any Student Can Study Abroad!

Challenge Yourself:
In today's global society, it is imperative that students acquire international skills and are exposed to other cultures. Study abroad affords an opportunity to develop these skills and makes you more competitive for employment. Participation provides the adventure and challenge of exploring different places and creates an awareness of other cultures. Students who have studied abroad often say that their time in another country changed their perspective of themselves and the world -- in addition to being the most exciting time of their college career! 
Key steps to study abroad (planning ahead is the biggest!):
  1. Research study abroad programs that fit your studies and interests. Start this process early in the school year!
  2. Meet with your RCPD specialist to discuss your accommodation needs.
  3. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to all of your study abroad questions.
This innovative four-week program in Dublin, Ireland provides a unique opportunity to increase awareness, sensitivity, and understanding of various aspects of disability in the U.S. and abroad. Students with and without disabilities will have a variety of opportunities to explore their own attitudes and beliefs about persons with disabilities through formal instruction, as well as a service-learning component while experiencing everything that Ireland has to offer!
This program is offered in collaboration with the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) and the Office of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (ORDS). Scholarships are available to students with disabilities on a competitive basis who are interested in participating in this program. Please use the RCPD Scholarship System to apply for the Study Abroad Scholarship for Students with Disabilities.

Study Abroad in the News:

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Hundreds of students at Michigan State set out on study abroad adventures across the globe every summer. Two of our very own RCPD students decided to share their experiences with us!

Scholarship Recipients Transformed during their Study Abroad Experiences

Study Abroad Scholarship recipients reflect on their adventures abroad, which were made possible by the extreme generosity of much-appreciated donors.

Dr. Christopher Dunckle Named 2016 Outstanding Alumnus

At the end of April, the RCPD hosted its Annual Awards and Appreciation Reception, where Dr. Christopher Dunckle was honored as the RCPD Outstanding Alumnus for 2016.