Large Print Distribution Policy

Some students with visual impairments find that large print represents the most effective method for accessing printed materials. When enlarged print is required, RCPD facilitates the use of electronic Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) systems that electronically magnify and dynamically enhance text in real time. This method of producing large print and enhanced contrast materials enables students to read nearly any print without the need to manage large paper versions of textbooks and other reading materials. CCTV equipment is available at the RCPD, the Main Library’s Assistive Technology Center, and selected MSU branch libraries.

Another effective way for producing large print is to scan the textbook into graphic file format, and then the individual can use programs such as MS-Word or any other built-in/added-on software programs for on-screen magnification and/or for large print printing. Where appropriate and functional, RCPD encourages students to practice this Large Print adaptation over using 11" x 17" paper. A scanned graphic page maintains original page layout, graphic, and pictures, and provides flexibility magnifying text to individual desirable size! 

In cases where actual paper versions of textbooks and printed materials are needed, RCPD uses local printing and copy shops to prepare the enlarged texts on 11” by 17” paper. The resulting enlargements are comparatively large and bulky and thus typically require several volumes of enlarged print to equal the text of a conventional book. Students requesting large print texts should note that the production process requires the removal of the textbook cover and binding. This means that the text to be enlarged will be returned in a loose-leaf state that does not typically allow for their resale as a used text. The traditional turn around time on a textbook for enlargement is two weeks thus pre-planning for this format is essential. RCPD will enlarge text materials provided by a student when they are essential for participation in a credit-granting course in which the student is enrolled.

Production costs for enlarged texts are significant thus RCPD requests that students using the service cooperate by returning enlarged texts at the end of the semester in which they are used. This allows the texts to be stored for later use by other students and thus reduces future production costs and turn-around time.