Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Fund

This fund seeks to empower, motivate and promote the success of students and employees with disabilities, and to educate, support and inspire those working with persons with disabilities.

The MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) works directly with over 3,200 students and employees with disabilities including blindness/visual impairment, deaf/hard of hearing, chronic health conditions, learning disabilities, mobility disabilities, brain injuries, and psychiatric disabilities. MSU has a strong history of activities and programs empowering this population in their quest to fully contribute to society.

By 1972, MSU established the Office of Programs for Handicapper Students to formally address the unique academic needs of this population. In 1999 the office was renamed reflecting both a shift in national terminology and an expanded mission including employees and visitors with disabilities.

Though today’s RCPD is a leader in the delivery of critical accommodations, countless new ideas, and opportunities to further the achievements of persons with disabilities exist. Contributions to this fund will further the educational, employment and extracurricular opportunities for persons with disabilities. This fund will advance innovations in the following areas:

  1. Career and employment readiness
  2. Leadership development
  3. Assistive technology
  4. Audiovisual educational material accessibility
  5. Disability awareness

Make a gift to the Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Fund.

This donor-supported program provides awareness and expanded opportunity for persons with disabilities. You can help support this initiative or find out more about other RCPD programs and giving opportunities by visiting the Financial Contributions page.

Persons with Disabilities Empowerment Fund in Action

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