Careers and Employment

“Disabilities need not stifle dreams or limit achievements; creativity, innovation, persistence, and teamwork help us reach our goals.” 

This fundamental awareness has driven the RCPD since our founding. While academic achievement and graduation are vital intentions of our work, we realize that career and life success are highly contingent on opportunities and experiences. That is why we have called on some of our most significant community partners to help us ensure that the talents of our graduates can be fully realized through effective career outcomes and life success.

For generations, the RCPD has led a noble mission of helping people with disabilities to achieve educational, career and life success. We helped redefine disability as an ordinary part of the human experience while remaining focused on ability in ways that overcome the challenges of a disability.

Bosco MSU/MRS Careers Collaborative

In the fall of 2014, MSU launched a unique program, Careers Collaborative, with private gifts from the Bosco family matching state and federal funds in partnership with Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS). The collaborative is strengthening leadership with a focus on career transition for students with disabilities. Students gain a full-time on-campus vocational rehabilitation counselor and specialized guidance with new synergies among several campus departments intent on strong student outcomes. New employer partnerships expand opportunity as students join the collaborative. This partnership enhances student outcomes by connecting academics with practical experience, deliberative vocational rehabilitation approaches and employer partnership for internships and careers.

Watch the Careers Collaborative video here.

"Identifying myself for the first time as someone with a disability and working with the RCPD has provided me with the knowledge, confidence, and resources needed for me to be successful in the work force. With the knowledge gained from the RCPD and introduction to Michigan Rehabilitative Services, I have been able to get the needed accommodations at my work."

-Jennifer, former MSU/MRS student


Career and life success by alumni is well established. The MSU Alumni Association is a key ingredient in helping build important linkages between today’s students and alumni already established in careers. We are working to enhance connectivity between today’s students and Spartan alumni who are flourishing in their chosen fields.

MSU Federal Credit Union Professional Prep/Dining Etiquette Series

Twice annually, the RCPD in partnership with the MSU Federal Credit Union, and MSU Career Services Network presents an evening dining experience for RCPD students. This helps those nearing graduation learn more about important concepts in career preparation. Students learn etiquette needed to make a dining interview experience optimally rewarding despite the challenges that certain disabilities represent in that setting.

RCPD Career Services Consultant 

"In order to find a job that you'll be really happy with, you need to seriously evaluate your career goals and put together an effective job search strategy. The websites listed below provide useful information that can help you find the job of your dreams." -George Morrison

The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities partners with a Career Services Network, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, and Bureau of Services for Blind Persons to offer: a variety of career and employment services including:

  • Addressing Disability Accommodation Concerns
  • Connecting Students with Job and Internship Resources
  • Interview Practice and Preparation
  • Resume Critiques and Assistance
  • Vocational Testing Referrals

Contact your disability specialist or the RCPD Career Services Consultant for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

Check out our career and employment resources!

Careers in Action 

  • Dr. Daehee Lee shares insights on selecting MSU, moving to America, earning dual advanced degrees and leading in his career.

  • Watch 2014 Samaritan Scholar recipient, Jordyn Castor, become "Wall Street Ready" as she transforms a scholarship from the RCPD into career opportunities. 

Career & Employment Resources

  • Handshake - find full time, part time, and seasonal work on and off campus. Also find listings of available internships and schedules for job interviews, workshops, and other career-related events on campus.
  • America's Job Bank - one of the largest job banks in the United States
  • - listings of job vacancies in all regions of the country and information relating to effective job search strategies and career planning
  • MSN "Careers and Jobs" - vacancies for jobs at all different levels in metro areas across the U.S.A. and good articles relating to various aspects of job hunting
  • Neuvoo- has job listings for a wide range of professions in Michigan, other states, and Canada 
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - describes hundreds of popular career fields in detail, including educational and training requirements, types of aptitudes needed, physical demands of the job, average salaries and salary ranges, and projected job outlook
  • People Resources - job listings, online career counseling, and free online classes for improving your job search skills
  • USAJOBS - official job site of the United States government for federal jobs and employment information
  • Wall Street Journal - find out the average salary for a worker in a specific field (e.g., accounting) and a specific location (e.g., East Lansing) and search articles providing useful info in key areas such as preparing a good resume, interviewing, networking, and obtaining references

Top Ten Tips for Successful Interviews

This is a recording by a respected career consultant, Dr. Karen Wolffe, that provides some very helpful interviewing tips for visually impaired job seekers. Some of the information is useful for anyone who is searching for a job, regardless of whether or not they have a disability.
Real Audio - Windows Media

Disability Specific Resources

  • an employment and social networking site that connects job seekers with disabilities with employers and internships nationwide
  • - job listings for job seekers with disabilities
  • Emerging Leaders - a competitive program of paid summer internships and leadership development opportunities for college and graduate students with disabilities.
  • Entrypoint - created by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, offering internships to students with disabilities in science, mathematics, business, and computer science fields
  • Job Accommodation Network (JAN) - government website providing information for job seekers with disabilities, such as information regarding accommodations, and consultation addressing specific questions
  • Learning Disabilities Association of America - provides information on the nature and treatment of learning disabilities, practical solutions to LD related problems, and a network of resources
  • Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (Formerly Michigan Commission for the Blind) - training in independent living for blind and visually impaired persons, and job search assistance
  • Michigan Rehabilitation Services - helps people with disabilities find work and function independently
  • National Association for the Deaf - information, and advocacy for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals focusing on issues such as education, employment, health care and assistive technology
  • Workforce Recruitment Program - find summer and permanent jobs with the government and private sector for college students with disabilities

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