Perspective on Ability

Education, Attitude, Resiliency, Community 

Working toward each person's fullest ability - Moving beyond Expectations

Michael Hudson, Director

I am honored to serve as Director of the internationally recognized Michigan State University Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities. As part of this community of nearly 2,500 registered people with disabilities studying and working at MSU, I offer a perspective on disability that changes lives, inspires others and celebrates ability and opportunity.

While the onset of a disability is rarely welcomed and often stigmatized, I know firsthand that a disability in itself is not disabling. Disabilities mandate determination, creativity and development of alternative approaches to common problems. A guiding principle at the RCPD is belief in the inherent abilities of those with disabilities. We focus on ability and advance opportunities for growth, productivity and independence.

At MSU, Spartans change lives every day in ways practical and profound; creating opportunities through study and research, discovering solutions for some of the world’s most challenging needs. Education expands opportunity and for those experiencing disabilities, education is a most empowering choice. This is why Team RCPD works diligently to engage MSU traditions of quality, inclusiveness and connectivity for the benefit of all.

Working together, we create a welcoming environment, fortify capacity and compassionately challenge each person to reach their fullest ability. Team RCPD strives for optimal outcomes where disabilities need not preclude the achievement of goals and dreams. We grow ambition into personal and professional success as we connect MSU knowledge, self-advocacy, innovative technology and community.

I encourage you to join us in connecting persons with disabilities into all aspects of university life, the local community, and the world at large.