MSU Awarded for Food Allergy Program

June 12th, 2017

Allison Bertram

Preparing for college can be stressful for students with dietary restrictions. Whether they have a gluten intolerance or Crohn’s Disease, navigating around a university’s meal plan has proven to be challenging. Students may have a hard time finding information on ingredients, cooking processes, additives, and more.

A leadership from MSU Culinary Services in partnership with the RCPD provides insight on dietary options for students. When a student with dietary restrictions approaches Culinary Services, a staff member determines what type of accommodations the student needs. They collaborate with chefs and dining hall staff to ensure proper adjustments.

If a student needs further assistance with more serious dietary restrictions, like chronic conditions/diseases, the RCPD is there to help. Culinary Services Dietician, Gina Keilen, refers these students to the RCPD. After a student registers with the office, they will receive assistance in other areas as needed; not only does the RCPD further collaborate on the student’s dining experiences, but also communication with professors, LiveOn accommodations, and more.

As one highly involved in this process, Chronic Health Specialist Caleb Sandoval is excited about this partnership. “It’s been great to learn through our partnership with Gina that we have many resources available for students, and connecting them with those resources,” he remarked. “It seems there’s such a great level of capability that we have as a university, and people wouldn’t initially know what we have to offer.”

Through these efforts, MSU received the 2017 Best Overall Food Allergy Program Award from AllerTrain. Click here to read more about it!