Donor Tree Redesign: More Than Decor

April 17th, 2018

Allison Bertram

When visitors walk into the RCPD lobby, it’s hard to miss the tree hanging on the wall. Complete with rocks, acorns, and leaves, this intriguing piece of decor includes the names of the donors who have made a significant impact on the lives of RCPD students, staff, and operations. Their generosity provides book and tuition scholarships, accessible technology, and funding for students and staff to have opportunities to expand their educational experience outside the classroom.

As the RCPD’s donor family has grown over the years, the donor tree naturally expanded. With the help of MSU’s Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) department, the tree was moved from a frame to the wall itself. These plaques signify more than generosity; they express how much the RCPD has grown over the years and continues to strengthen to meet the unique needs and potential of each student.

Original framed image of tree with plaques of donors.

Donor Tree original framed design.

Two infrastructure employees mounting the tree trunk to the wall.

IPF team mounting the tree trunk to the wall.

Three infrastructure employees completing final steps of the tree redesign process.

IPF team led by Jason Wonch completing the final steps to the project.

Side angle view of the full expanded tree with the donor plaques mounted on the wall.

Expanded final tree design with no frame mounted on the wall.