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Fasting 5K and Project Venture: Paving the Pathway to College for Students with Disabilities

If you’ve ever watched or participated in a 5K, you know how much hard work goes into crossing the finish line. Now imagine running that same race, but without food or water all day. On May 18th, 113 runners in Canton, Michigan did just that at the Fasting 5K – to raise money for students with disabilities.

Alumni Couple Bring Strategies for Success to Today’s Youth

Cam and Liz met while living on the same floor in Bailey Hall in 2012. Their chance meeting led to a shared journey with a common goal – promoting resiliency despite disability challenges.

Adaptive Sports Day 2019

Always wanted to learn a new sport but with a little more challenge? Adaptive Sports Day gives everyone the ability to learn new things while also participating in a wheelchair.

19th Annual Tower Guard Shamrock 5K

The 19th annual Tower Guard Shamrock 5k on Friday, March 15 was an overall success.

Alex's Great State Race Moving Forward

Five years have passed since the first Alex’s Great State Race, and the event is still running strong. It all started with a student diagnosed with cancer and turned into a bond between two rival colleges coming together in his memory to make a profound difference for students with disabilities.